About us

Hello my name is Michael Fulks, and I created Immortal Protein for all of you. Who am I you might ask. well I'm just like you, A guy that sees what is happening to our bodies and knows we can be better. I spent over ten years as a personal trainer NSCA and massage therapist Nevada Career Institute. I have seen so many different types of clients from the young, elderly, handicap and diabetic. I personally watched my mom deal with an autoimmune disease called vasculitis that eventually took her life 2 years ago. I lost my father to a heart attack right after Christmas 2019. I myself have delt with IBS since a was child, I was a sick kid growing up had strep throat nine times in one year. I had the worst stomach problems that made me feel like I had the stomach flu everyday for months. I'm sharing all of this with you so you understand why I created this product and why I believe in it so much. My passion and my commitment has always been in helping people.